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VEND / ServiceM8 Connector

AppIntegrate ServiceM8 Vend Connector
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Customers and Products are fully synchronised and approved ServiceM8 invoices are posted to VEND
Integration Made Easy

Problems Solved

VEND and ServiceM8 are apps that are both great at what they do, but there was no way to share important information between them easily or without compromises.


This meant that for example adding or editing any Customer or Product records always required the extra work of double entry and increased the risk of inconsistencies and errors creeping in.

The most significant issue however has been around invoicing and receiving payments. All invoices entered by field staff in ServiceM8 have to be re-entered into VEND as well. Clearly a massive waste of time, however the only way to ensure that:

  • Customer payments could be taken in both VEND or Xero / Quickbooks 

  • Inventory count, stock valuation and COGS were updated  

  • Reporting was appropriate and accurate

This AppIntegrate connector integrates Customer and Product information between VEND and ServiceM8 so that when a record is added or edited in either system it is immediately reflected in the other. 

The connector also sends any Approved invoices in ServiceM8 to VEND as an On Account register sale. Any payments already made in ServiceM8 are also included.

The added convenience and significant* cost savings are complete no-brainer to anyone seeking genuine business improvement. 

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