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App Integration



Cloud business app integration that works brilliantly, behind the scenes

Dedicated App Connectors


AppIntegrate's platform brings cloud apps together to deliver a faster and reliable integrated software solution


Dedicated App Connectors engineered from the ground up for accuracy and performance

Cloud business app integration that works brilliantly, behind the scenes

Taking advantage of the best cloud business apps doesn't mean your business should suffer as they each frustratingly operate in their own blissful isolation - without sharing vital information or important events between them.


Cleverly integrated business app's are capable of delivering a seamless business management solution where:

  • Compromising on great functionality is a thing of the past

  • All apps operate as-if from a common database

  • Common information such as products and contacts are conveniently synchronised between apps - instantly

  • Transactions and events can be shared across all systems

  • Business reporting can take in the whole picture

  • Significant cost savings are made just on data entry alone

  • The return on your investment is easily recognized

  • If at all possible, have all three: Accurate, Fast and Economical... Easy!

AppIntegrate Connector


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AppIntegrate was born out of frustration. We have a large number of clients all with a compelling business case for integrating two cloud business apps commonly used in their industry. The drivers for them were mainly financial, but also operational and for convenience.

Neither of their amazing business apps were sharing product or customer information with each other. This was crucial because only one of the apps was responsible for tracking inventory levels and sales reporting for the whole business. Worse still, the staff were data entering every invoice twice!

There are many cloud-app system integration dotcoms out there - we think we  have just about tried them all, and actually partnered with a couple. We found that there is not a single offering out there that so perfectly and economically integrates these two particular apps. 

After years of constant requests from clients, we were finally compelled to build our own platform for such API integrations, one that would be deeply focused on the details of each integration we develop, that was also fast while being inexpensive. And generally perfect for small to medium enterprises.

After a couple more years of technical development, we are proud to now present AppIntegrate : Integration Perfected.

AppIntegrate is now available for the cloud app integration needs of your business. Drop us a line to discuss what you need and how we can help.




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